Komen Arkansas is offering grants up to $2,000 for projects within our 63 county service area in the areas that address the funding priorities located within the 2015 Community Profile. This program complements our Community Grants program that solicits applications each fall. Click the link below to view the 2016 Small Grants Request for Application.

FY16 Affiliate Small Grant RFA

How To Apply For Funding
Small Grant applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year. Applications much be submitted through the Komen Grants e-Management System (GeMS)*. Hard copies will not be accepted. Grants received through GeMS by 11:59 PM CST on the 15th of each month will be reviewed at the following month’s board meeting. Applicants will be notified of the affiliate’s funding decision generally within 45 days of submitted application on GeMS. Applicants should consider this timeline when submitting a proposal and/or planning a program.

Organizations may submit multiple Small Grants applications throughout the year; however, once funded, a specific program may not resubmit for additional funding within the same fiscal year. If an organization receives an award for a Community Grant, it may submit an application for a Small Grant but not for the same program. Rejected proposals may be resubmitted for a second consideration within the same fiscal year, but will not be considered a third time.

*Note: All applications must be submitted online through the Komen Grants e-Management System (GeMS): https://affiliategrants.komen.org. The Grants e-Management System (GeMS) is a web-based grant management system for Affiliates of Susan G. Komen to use to receive, review and manage community and small grant applications. Be sure you use the Small Grants applications. Applicants should refer to the GeMS Applicant User Guide for more information on how to access GeMS and complete an application.

Should I apply for a Small Grant or a Community Grant?

  • The Small Grants program has a maximum award of $2,000; Requests over this amount should be submitted via the Community Grants process
  • Small Grants are accepted throughout the year; Community Grants have an annual deadline (generally late fall/early winter)
  • Small Grants require only a final report; Community Grants require both an interim and final report
  • Community Grants offer additional points for meeting the Affiliate’s funding priorities under the general heading of breast health and breast cancer; Small Grants do not offer this bonus
  • Small Grants undergo review by staff and board members; Community Grants undergo a review by a panel of community members
  • Community Grants have a project period of April 1 – March 31; Small Grants have a project period of one year from the date of award
  • Must be submitted through the Grants e-Management System (GeMS): https://affiliategrants.komen.org
  • Require approval by the Susan G. Komen Arkansas Board of Directors

For questions or further inquiries contact our office at 501-202-4399.