Get Involved

You may be a survivor, runner, volunteer or an activist. However you choose to get involved, just know that everything you do makes a difference. After all, without the support of people like you, Susan G. Komen®  would not be able to empower people, ensure quality care for all, energize science to find the cures and ultimately save lives from breast cancer.

These are our mothers, sisters, and friends who face breast cancer diagnoses every day. Susan G. Komen® strives to raise funds and awareness through events and legislative actions. We have made great strides since 1982, but breast cancer is still claiming too many of our loved ones’ lives. So, how will you get involved?


Whether you’re a golfer, a bowler, a chef or a runner, there’s a Komen event for you.  Or you can host your own Passionately Pink event or create a personalized donation page.  You can become a Volunteer or an Advocate to ensure that our good work keeps going.  But no matter what you do, you’ll be actively supporting the fight against breast cancer.  So get started today.

“When we care, we give what we have earned.  When we love, we offer that and ourselves.  We run, walk or cry with those we love when they hurt.  Our presence and participation is the beginning of the healing process for many.”  -Vincent Kituku, co-survivor