Team Fundraising

Team fundraising helps ensure that we will be able to make the biggest impact in the community. 75% of the funds raised will stay in Arkansas to fund breast cancer education, screening and treatment grants in our 63 county service area. The remaining 25% will go to Komen National to directly fund research related to the treatment and cure of breast cancer.

Last year, teams raised more than $12,800 for the fight to end breast cancer. That’s a huge impact! The ultimate reward is knowing you’ve brought our community miles closer to the reality of a world without breast cancer. But be sure to check out the Team Awards page for more information on how we thank our top performing teams!

There are two ways that teams can engage in fundraising:

  1. Each team member asks their friends, family members and co-workers to support them in their fundraising efforts by making a donation. To get tips and tools on personal fundraising, click here.
  2. Your team can host a fundraising event. To download a list of fun and easy fundraising events, click here.