Grant Page – Baptist Health – Positive Appearance Center

Project Name: Positive Appearance Center

Amount: $15,000

Organization: Baptist Health Foundation

Project Director: Emily Ryan

Address: 9601 Interstate 630, Exit 7
                 Little Rock, AR 72205

Phone: 501-202-7342

The primary goals of this project are to provide support to uninsured and underinsured breast cancer patients in Arkansas who are adjusting to the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments and to educate women on breast cancer.  Support is given to women going through breast cancer treatments in the form of mastectomy post-surgical kits, wigs, cosmetic kits, educational materials, and support groups.
Breast cancer patients participating in the PAC program are given a post-surgical mastectomy kit and also have the opportunity to select from a wide variety of wigs.  To assure their confidence, each woman is given a helpful lesson on how to style their wig.  The wig selection process may take two minutes or two hours.  Each woman is given the time she needs to make a confident decision. One post surgical mastectomy kit and one wig are provided to each PAC participant in need.
The “Look Good, Feel Better” program works with licensed cosmetologists, trained by the American Cancer Society, to strengthen the confidence in appearance of women undergoing the side effects of cancer treatment.  If desired, a licensed cosmetologist can be scheduled to teach new techniques in makeup application to breast cancer patients looking to balance out the physical side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Participants in this program are also given a cosmetic kit that is geared towards the techniques taught by the cosmetologist.


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