Fitness and Wellness Resources

Wellness Resources
10 Best Office Stretches and Office Exercises to Do At Your Desk.  
15 Simple and Quick Office Stretches to Boost Work Efficiency.
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Fitness Apps
FitOn offers a selection of classes like Yoga, Strength Training and Cardio both on demand — and live
classes throughout the day. The company also offers a variety of challenges like the 10-day kickstarter
challenge and Sexy Arms and Abs, that will help you work towards your fitness goals.

Planet Fitness just launched United We Move Home Work-Ins. Free online workouts will be offered for
a limited time streamed via Facebook Live. Get moving with their trainers and even some surprise
celebrity guests for a 20 minute workout to relieve stress and stay healthy. Just visit their Facebook page
at 6 p.m. CST to join in — or watch them later, as replays will be available.

Fitness Blender offers a free workout videos at every fitness lev. Whether your preferred workout
includes HIIT, Strength Training or Kettlebell, Fitness Blender has you covered.

Peloton offers a variety of live fitness classes that will help you get into shape on your own schedule.
Filter classes by type, length, time and fitness level — and find the perfect class. While the Peloton app
is usually, $12.99 a month, they are currently offering a 90-day free trial.

Mental Health Coping Strategies

During the COVID-19 crisis UHC is offering a free emotional support helpline for all people
impacted, even those who are not covered by a UHC insurance plan. The toll-free number is 1-866-342-
6892 and will be open 24/7 as long as necessary.

The University of Virginia offers nine helpful tips for How to Protect Your Mental Health During a

Coronavirus mental health implications and coping strategies are available from the National Alliance on
Mental Illness.

*This list was compiled by members of the Komen Wellness Committee: Robin Davis, Lisa Giuroiu,
Morgan Hare, Barbara Hollis, Tracy Kimball, Laura Mainard, Dustin Scott, Deanna Spurvey, Virginia Hall
and Karen Gavin.